Artist’s Inspiration Appeals to All Ages

By Patricia Harrington with many thanks to Ms. Rinnevuo, Södra Galleriet in Stockholm, and Micki Leksaker AB (Lundby). Article originally printed in The Lundby Letter, June 2006, and used by permission of the editor.

Lisa Rinnevuo, a renowned Scandinavian artist,
currently works in Stockholm, Sweden. Two of her paintings have been reproduced in miniature for the Lundby “Stockholm 2005” dollhouse. (1) (2) Both paintings were produced with acrylic paint and spray paint and the texts were handwritten with a felt-tip pen. Lisa says children are her greatest inspiration, both in her artistic work and how she functions in her daily life. She was delighted when the Box Design architects (see the translated article NEW DESIGN FOR THE CHILDREN´S PLAYROOM) asked her if they could use her paintings for the new Lundby “Stockholm 2005” dollhouse. After Lisa agreed, Lundby bought the rights to produce the paintings in miniature format for the new dollhouse, according to Kristina Aronsson, Micki Leksaker AB.
"Three" Lisa RinnevuoThe first painting is called “Tre,” meaning “three,” which the artist says is her lucky number. The original was created in 2002 and is 80 x 80 cm (approximately 32” x 32”). The text around the border of the painting is in English:
pretty girlie applecheek sing a song jump around stay merry have joy be your honest you forever sing if you want stay pure and simple be a friend love your neighbor he is nice too climb a tree stay forever fine

"The Princess" Lisa Rinnevuo
“Prinsessan,” which means “The Princess” in English, is the title of the second painting. The original was done in 2001 and is 60 x 70 cm (approximately 24” x 28”). The text around the border of the painting is in Swedish. The artist approved Patricia Harrington’s translation into English as follows:

When I grow up, I am going to be a princess and live in the coolest castle, where you can eat chocolate pudding for dinner, and if you begin to feel ill and throw up, there isn’t any strict old know-it-all who says, “What did I tell you?!” Lovely!

Lisa Rinnevuo

Meet the Artist: Lisa Rinnevuo
Born in Stockholm in 1972, Lisa Rinnevuo is represented by Södra Galleriet in Stockholm, where the artist had her first exhibit in 2002. In 2003 and 2005, her work was part of the huge annual Stockholm Art Exhibition. There have been several other exhibits, including two in New York City in 2004.
In a recent Södra Galleriet catalog about Rinnevuo, Ann Widerström wrote that “urban culture and art [is] a big part of her inspiration.” Ann continues, “the pictures speak directly to the beholder and are filled with messages that aim to honor and support the individual within each of us.” Examples of these messages are shown in the text written on the miniature paintings. The artist uses the theme of “stay pure and simple,” for example, in several of her paintings (see her website: (3)
If you would like to see more of Lisa’s paintings, do a “Google” search using her name. You may purchase a print, at Södra Galleriet in Stockholm ( The gallery will ship prints worldwide at an advantageous price because you don’t have to pay Swedish sales tax. Patricia ( would be happy to help anyone who needs assistance with Swedish text on the paintings, on the websites, or in contacting Södra Galleriet.

(1) Permission to reproduce copies of the paintings in mini-format granted by Kristina Aronsson, Micki Leksaker AB (2) Permission to print the text of the painting, “Tre,” and the translation of the text for the painting, “Prinsessan,” granted by the artist. (3) Permission to use the photo from her website granted by the artist.